Drowning Creek Blues

As played by Audrey Handle from the Arkansas region

Rag in D

From the Ozarks and Missouri Valley Collection

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Melody-Only Transcription (PDF)
Full Transcription (PDF)


Recording of Audrey Handle released on the album Traditional Fiddle Music of the Ozarks: Volume I: Along the Eastern Crescent


I love bluesy tunes such as this. According to Ozarks Fiddle Music by Beisswenger and McCann (which also contains a transcription of this tune), Arkansas fiddler Audrey Handle was mixed Cherokee Indian and white, much like myself. Handle played the tune in two parts. The first time through, he played it AA B, but he played it A BB the second time through. The second time through the tune is also more crooked than the first. Look out for a lot of unison notes. It should be noted that I chose readability over technical “correctness” in this transcription.

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