Cherokee Shuffle

As played by Austin Rogers from the Alabama region

Reel or Breakdown in G

From the Austin Rogers Collection

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Melody-Only Transcription (PDF)

An amalgam of the the fiddle playing of Vernon Derrick (an excellent fiddler from Arab, AL, and who played this tune square, if I recall) and a three-finger banjo version that I learned years ago (which was crooked)

This is a fun little tune. I play it in G, but most fiddlers play it in A or D. Playing it in G lets me get that high B note in the B part. I often like to play that as a B flat instead of a B, giving it a jazzy or bluesy feel. Check out the discussion of the tune at the Traditional Tune Archive for a little background on this tune. Note that I play this crooked (in that the B part has more measures than the A part). There are some good discussions of crookedness here and here.

Here's a Youtube video of a similar crooked version: (This is sort of old time/bluegrass crossover. They have both three-finger and clawhammer banjo. Check out the sweet bluegrass banjo break with melodics, single-string, and up-the-neck Scruggs style.)

Here's a Youtube video of the square version:

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