Off To California

As played by Austin Rogers from the Alabama region

Hornpipe in G

From the Austin Rogers Collection

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Melody-Only Transcription (PDF)

Irish tunebooks (perhaps O'Neils) and my own warped mind

This is an Irish hornpipe that is sometimes played in old time circles. This is one of the few hornpipes that I actually play in broken rhythm (how I am told hornpipes were originally supposed to be played). As such I have transcribed it with broken rhythm, which looks a little messy. Some instances of broken rhythm contain a triplet, which I suppose is an Irish-style ornamentation. Also, I play a long triplet run in this, reminiscent of the Irish hornpipe Harvest Home. If you're not inclined to play the entire triplet run, replace the third triplet with a D quarter note and the fourth triplet with the triplet used for the pickup to the A part (DEF).

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